Cartridge Filter Dust Collectors


Dynavac bag filter dust collectors use tubular bag filters that are cylindrical shaped non-woven fabric as the filter media. In bag filter dust collectors, similar to baghouse dust collectors, the dirty air is forced through the outside of the bag filter to the inside. Dust particles are captured on the outside of the bag filters. Bag filter dust collectors also use pulse clean technology. A periodic pulse of compressed air is sent across the bag filter to dislodge the dust cake, which forms on the outside of the bag filter. This is an online cleaning process. Bag filter dust collectors are ideally suited to capture material that is easily released from the media during the cleaning cycle.

Cartridge dust collectors are better suited to capture the following kinds of dust:

  • Grinding application
  • Sandblast applications
  • Welding/Laser/Plasma cutter fumes
  • Graphite
  • Pharmaceutical and a certain type of chemical powders
Model Power
Filter Surface
Area (m2)
LxBxH (m)
RDC LF5 PJ21 C6 3.7 2850 30 1.3x0.9x2.9
RDC LF7 PJ21 C9 5.5 3500 45 1.2x1.3x2.9
RDC LF10 PJ21 C9 7.5 5000 45 1.2x1.5x2.8
RDC LF10 PJ21 C12 7.5 5000 60 1.2x1.8x2.9
RDC LF12 PJ21 C16 9.3 6500 80 3.5x1.9x3.2
RDC LF15 PJ21 C20 11 9000 100 3.5x2.2x3.6
RDC LF20 PJ21 C20 15 10000 100 4.0x3.0x3.6
RDC LF25 PJ21 C24
18.6 12500 120 4.0x3.0x3.6
RDC LF25 PJ21 C40
18.6 12500 200 5.7x2.0x3.6

The following are some of the machines used in the wood processing industry where a wood dust collector can be used:

  • Optimized online pulsejet filter cleaning
  • Tough steel construction for long life in harsh industrial environments
  • Small footprint when compared to baghouse dust collectors
  • Quick and easy maintenance
  • Cutomized solution for specific requirement
  • Food grade, explosion proof, and anti-static options are available
  • Maintenance free blower
  • 1-year warranty

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